Frequently Asked Questions

How are Cocoons different from other prefabricated homes?
Cocoons are intentionally versatile, contemporary structures with a high-design aesthetic, quality construction and sophisticated features. They are artistic environments that adjust to the evolving needs of modern day living.

How many Cocoon models are available?
There are three models:
C9 Luxe Cabin, 12x40, 480-square feet
C9 Luxe Studio, 12x40, 480-square feet
C9 Lite, 8x20, 160-square feet

What is the turnaround time for a Cocoon model?
Four months

How do I know if a Cocoon is right for me?
Upon initial inquiry, we will send our sales team to your location to assess the space and road access.

Do I need to hire a contractor?
Yes. Buyers are responsible for permitting, foundation, and site utilities, which must be pre-installed prior to delivery. Our team can help facilitate the process and recommend builders familiar with permits and construction.

How long will it take for the installation?
Upon delivery, the Cocoon can be up and running in less than a week.

Can I customize a Cocoon?
We currently offer three different floor plans for residential use. Finishes such as flooring, siding, countertops, and plumbing fixtures can be customized with upgradable options. We also provide custom designed and combined Cocoons for community and development projects with a quantity of 5 or more units.

What if I don’t need a bathroom or kitchenette?
The kitchen and bath can be removed, but the position cannot be moved within the floorplan.

Do I pay for shipping?
Yes. Buyers are responsible for the transportation cost, which varies by region. Our team will provide estimates in advance.

Can a Cocoon be shipped anywhere in the world?
We can accommodate international orders for development projects of 10+ units.